Thursday, 3 January 2008

Rape is for nice girls

I thought I'd share a link to a very eye opening case, quite worrying what some courts decided isn't it? I'm glad that the other prosecutors involved police and detectives have enough sense to take the second case elsewhere to prevent this farce being repeated and insulting the second victim of a terrible violent crime.

I find it appalling that the judge decided the victims job was what decided if it was in fact rape, despite the brutal attack by 5 men at gun point. A gang rape with a lethal weapon should be a straight forward conviction, what a horrid Farce! Lots of people choose to put themselves in harms way for work despite the moral reasons, soldiers and polices officer do it every day. Prostitutes are just desperate women doing a job to get by, they deserve respect and protection from the law just as much as every one else does.

Unfortunately Judge Deni will continue to serve for another 5 years, lets hope she can refrain from dis-respecting victims and pay attention to the crimes.