Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Court Dates

Many of those reading will know I lost my job last year, my employer owed me a lot of money and we had a disagreement regarding said money shortly before the company went under. I wasn’t asking much; wages owed to me and expenses that were agreed upon before hand -namely vet bills for the company owned dog. At the time of our disagreement the largest chunked owed to me was from 6 months prior and I had enough of waiting. I had been supportive and patient as the company was getting off its feet but had been fobbed off too many times, I’d had enough, my demands for payment were met with some choice words from my “delightful” former employer and he then ignored my calls and attempts to contact him. I decided to take him to small claims court and fight for my money.

It wasn’t about the cash (although it was substantial chunk of our family income) but more about not letting him getting away with it. He was nice enough guy to start with but due to his poor management and business skills the company was struggling and left many employees and contractors without the simplest of rights – their pay. I believe that as managing director he had a responsibility to those people, whom were owed hundreds of thousands, and should be held accountable for his actions. It’s taken me over 5 months but I feel the end is finally in my sights!

It has been stressful and has meant sleepless nights, health issues and general hair pulling but it is great how everyone has been so supportive. I am feeling very positive about the court case as it draws to a close, its been heard and tried now its just final stages of getting a CCJ against my former employer and then enforcing that with the sheriff (&bailiffs if he doesn't comply). It finally feels like the hard work is paying off, the only shame is can’t charge him for the many man-hours I spent putting forward and representing my case!

Specials thanks to Lorraine for letting me complain, my dad for his counsel and to my David for his calming influence and patience, I couldn’t have done it alone xxx

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Street Party

It wont be long now intill the big day arrives, The Royal Wedding. Kate Middleton will marry our Prince William to become Princess Windsor, the country will rejoice (for the most part) and we all get a bank holiday and have a 3 day week - huzzah!

The realm at large will commemorate the occasion with many street parties up and down the country, a traditional celebration often seen with bunting and cucumber sandwiches. Applications for road closures have been received in record numbers, particularly in Wales and Northamptonshire where William has ties to the Spencer family. Public Liability insurance is not necessary in most cases when no money is being exchanged and many people are planning festive feast for the occasion.

Unfortunately there are some issues with red tape, some councils charging for road closures and others refusing for approval without certain
insurance policies. I hope that more councils consider slashing the forms and charges regarding these events following the example of Sutton council Its a time when encouraging community spirit should be applauded :)

Our little military community is having a fanfare event for 50 people (which is 90% of the residents!) with bouncy castle, races games and a hat making competition. There is also some face painting being done and if its warm enough David will put the stocks out and you can soak dad with water bombs ;)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Garden space

I wish the bloody chooks wouldn't think the fence is a fun obstacle to jump over several times a day and keep them fit, they are digging up the lawn and making a mess. Monty the German Shepard just watches them like the killer guard dog he is, once they were even in his kennel and he just cocked his head at me as if to say "what do you want me to do about it?" I suppose I'm lucky he has learnt not to chase/eat/maul them I can hardly have it both ways eh?

With plans to set up an allotment on our camp this spring I'm hoping I can put flowers in my raised beds
instead of boring veg. I love growing a kitchen garden but they don't look as nice and with all the roaming animals I need some floral perfume in the garden. Neither will be possible if the chickens insist on their great escape. The enclosure fence is only half an inch shorter than the perimeter and yet they never jump outside, It would be fiddly to raise the trellis and yet I dont think it would stop them.

Last year they seemed to know where their place was and kept to it, only jumping every so often, where as now they have spent all winter digging up grass and killing thier lawn they have decided to jump fence and try our grass too! I try to keep them interested with handfulls of seed, different items but with green house they are getting a little crowded in there. We have seeded the lawn but so far not much is happening, I'm hoping we can protect the new grass shoots long enough for them to take root and withstand the chickens appetites. I think there will be nothing for it other than the expense of some rolled turf *sigh*

Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated!