Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New TV rules and parenting fail

Screw the new TV rules (parenting fail?)Lindsay Weiss

Dr. Dana just posted the AAP’s new guideline: No screen time under age 2. (I get a big fat parenting fail for that one.) In addition, the guidelines state that parents shouldn’t watch TV while the kids are around because:

When parents are watching their own programs, this is “background media” for their children. It distracts the parent and decreases parent-child interaction. Its presence may also interfere with a young child’s learning from play and activities. I often watch TV during the day, and spend hours on the PC if I can but my baby needs supervising does that mean I can't watch any TV either? These guidelines seem like the TV equivalent of the South Beach Diet to me. There is no moderation. No TV. No Carbs. No. No. No.

I know a lot of stay home mums use TV as a distraction for their kids so they can get chores and other things done around the house. Its not the best thing for kids but where is this notion coming from that kids and parents need to spend every second engaged in quality play and/or parent interaction? There are 24 hours in a day, that’s a lot to fill with engaging and imaginative play! Frankly, a little WordWorld is a whole lot better than what they’re gonna get from me on four hours of sleep.

I take these guidelines to heart, they are coming from a good place, but I dont think its damaged children with limited toddler screen time, in fact, it might just save mums sanity. Now excuse me, I’ve got some carbs to eat.