Tuesday, 30 June 2009


A comment on youtube "Michael Jackson made perhaps the greatest impact on music and culture unlike any other throughout the world. He broke down racial barriers, transformed the art of the music video, and paved the way for future artists of all genres. Michael had an instantly identifiable voice, eye-popping dance moves, stunning musical versatility and loads of star power. He is the greatest entertainer of the past, present, and the future. Rest in peace Michael! =)"

In fact the same could be said for Elvis, he sang music of the black man: gospel and blues, paved the way for modern music and gave birth to rock and roll. People are comparing MJ to Elvis left right and centre. Both were influential to music and both are tragically missed by fans, so why is Michael such a big deal? Do people feel guilty because they accused him 4 years ago? Or do they simply related to him more as he is closer to our generation than the Beatles and Elvis?

But then why is Maria Carey who has sold more records that MJ and is equally as influential in her genre, not given the same acclaim? And what about iconic singers like Buddy Holly and Frank Sinatra, do think the later will get weeks worth of front pages and news coverage when he eventually passes away? The priorities of our public as a nation worry me.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Annie are you O.K?

I know I bored you all last year with an essay of a post about my bear Annie and her restoration and I just wanted to mention she is now a good hybrid of old smelly Annie and new complete Annie.

After months of bending and twisting her to loosen up the stiff new fabric and breathing her and sleeping with her tucked inside my pillow case (an old trick I used to use when mean grandmother put her in the washing machine!) she finally smells acceptable : ) She is much more flexible but study enough to last many years to come! Someone even suggested passing her on to the next generation when they arrive, but lets not get too carried away eh? lol

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Friends for life.

Despite a tragic start I have to say 2006 was a fantastic year. I have no doubt that I and many of my friends dealt with our grief and shock by reminding ourselves we are lucky to be alive, the summer which followed was unforgettable.

At the beginning of the summer Dave signed up and was away for 6 months training, I still lived and home and was only working part time, I was foot loose and fancy free not to mention itching to be busy. We had parties all over the place and they were all full of music, dancing and good times. A whole gang of us went to download music festival which for many of us was our first festival, and boy what a goodun it was. We went out dancing every weekend, stayed out till late and went wild (in a well behaved kind of way lol). As autumn approached I was overflowing with enthusiasm for life and determined to see through the plans that had been made.

3 years later a lot has changed and the same group of friends go to the seaside for the day. Its a celebration and one of my dear friends is engaged to be married, everyone is ecstatic! We had a fantastic day, I bought a picnic, we spent out time chatting and paddling in the sea, Noggs even had a kyte. It was a great day full of fun and friendship and towards to end of the day I started to think where we would all be in another 6 years. Watching my husband play with the dogs, and the love birds cooing together it isn't hard to imagine us together with our own kids in tow.

We are already half way there, of those at the beach there are 2 couples already married, 3 engaged and 2 have bought their own houses. Not to mention pet owners ; ) I hope that in the next few years I still have the joy of company with the same friends I have shared my life with.

Circle 2003 from left Frank, Mark, Alex, Noggs, Little Matt, Me, Abe and Jig. (whos flat we are in, the first to move out.) We are all 17 in this photo.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Celebrity news headlines

It amazing me how celebrity private lives are increasingly shared and gobbled up by the public. I know this is the age of sharing, social networking phenomena has changed the way we live and the emotionally volatile young people of our generation combined mean a lot of people are open and wear their hearts - and their anger - on their sleeves.

I don't anything wrong with this as I am a firm believe in freedom of speech but it winds me up when there are ignorant groups on facebook about sensitive issues archiving nothing and forgotten the next week. The open society means that some people can't resist giving their own opinions, and they are free to give it anyone and everyone.

Read all about it! Katie Price and Peter Andre have broken up! If you have ever seen an episode of their TV show you won't find it hard to see why. I personally think he put up with too much of her mouth, but then he knows that is all it is -all bark and no bite- but everyone has their limits and I reckon he is better of without her. I also think that she is playing right into his hands with the outrageous behaviour in Ibiza, and he is lapping it up by playing perfect Daddy which will all go in his favour regarding custody.

I am worried how the papers spend weeks worth of headlines and front pages on the likes of Jade Goody and Katie Price. Are these people, these "Celebrities" really our nations most pressing issues? No, but it sure does sell a lot of papers.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Although its been raining here in Essex I thought I take the chance to comment on sunscreen before the summer kicks in in the south, and believe me it is going to be a scorcher! With everyone broke there will be less holidays and after lots of health risks for teenagers on sunbeds i'm sure many more people will be out worshiping the sun in thier gardens this year.

Its surprises me that today there are still modern forward thinking people who don't wear sunscreen. They might put it on if they were sunbathing or on holiday but usually the UK is too over cast to warrant needing it everyday. And if they do put it on often its only once and not reapplied. Some people think a high SPF will protect you for longer, but anything from 15 up is fine and it does not get that much better UVB (Harmful suns rays that damage your skin) coverage the higher you go.

Did you know sunscreen takes 30minutes to start work? You should put it on before you go out and not just when you think you may be sitting in the sun. The UK is a granny state and with a heat wave impending the labour party will put out dangerous warnings and health risks concerning the sun, some people will say this is ridiculous and patronising but most people don't bother wearing a hat or sunscreen so I think although patronising its also nessceray.

Where ever you are lobster is not a good look, no to mention the difference it will make once you meet middle aged, when the sun tan fades the damage is ther for good and gets continually worse. So slap it on girls and boys and dont forget your hat : )