Thursday, 25 February 2010


I love history and fantasy books, own dozens of them and have read hundreds. In Naomi Noviks Temeraire series I find a perfect combination of both. Set in alternative history of 18th century Briton, you are introduced to the aerial corps, a military service working along side the Nelsons Navy during the Napoleonic wars.

It is a ragtag version of the RAF in which aviators have a low life expectancy, hard labour with little reward and stiff upper lips of the Navy frowning upon them. The story follows adventures of a British Naval captain Will Laurence thrown into aerial service with little choice and the adventures that follow him and his newly acquired Dragon partner Temeraire.

The book is fast flowing with a fluid writing skill that makes reading very smooth. It avoids typical fantasy clich├ęs, and still manages to engage the reader without too much depth or being overly informative. The fast pace means that the reader doesn't question the explainations so it does work quite effectively. The characters - human and dragon alike - are easy to understand and despite its swift story the reader is able to connect with them.

It covers very traditional brittish-ness and has quite a hooray henry sense of action and adventure, with swords cannons and set among romping waves.
A thoroughly enjoyable easy read : )

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cat adoption

According to the cat's owner, Ruben Dario Gaviria of Envigado, Columbia, Tito adopted Firulais, a baby squirrel, in December 2009, when Gaviria brought it home after finding it alone and injured on a tree branch. Tito suckles her own baby cat and the squirrel, caring for them both. So cute ^_^

Monday, 15 February 2010

Holiday Break

I am away on Holiday from the 16th January intill 14th February -
I am off to have adventures in Oz : D
There will be limited and basic posts only during this time.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Aboriginals - The Indigenous Australians

Aboriginal people are hunters and gatherers and there is proof they have been living in Australia for 40,000 years, maybe as long as 60,000years making them the oldest race so far known on earth.

Traditionally, the aboriginal people obtain all their food from the land and move seasonally across Australia. They developed an intimate map of their landscape that is passed on generation after generation through their Dreamtime stories. Aboriginal people have a deep spiritual connection to the land. This is shown through art, music and dance.

Sadly today Aboriginals are the invisible people of Australia. Everyone knows the history of their treatment under colonial rule was horrendous, and their social problems endure, but by and large white Australians apparently prefer to pretend they don’t exist—except when it comes to using their culture in interpretive facilities or their fascinating, mystical art for adornments.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I love history, architecture and Lego, so it ticks all the boxes. This is a very interesting art/design statement, some might say graffiti, I'm not sure it is structurally sound but it certainly tickles my fancy : )