Thursday, 7 June 2012

Chop chop chop!

The Big Chop is DONE!

I chopped of the pony tail I have had my whole life for charity. It was a miserable day but quite a few people were there to watch and did a count down and everything. It went really well and I cut off 62cm, plenty for the wig-makers and loads of dosh for G.O.S.H :) A few days ago I was worried I was making a mistake I might regret but the night before I talked to Dave about it and wasn't nervous any more - I didn't even cry when it came off! I feel great about it :)

Its just below my shoulders, so longer than I initially thought but it was straightened for the cut so I've washed it this morning (I was playing with it allll day yesterday - it is still very weird) and I'm hoping it will curl but the ringlets are disagreeing :( at the least there will be a wave - we shall have to see.

Thanks to my great neighbours and brilliant friends both near & far for the support, I know I wouldn't have done it other wise. I've been saying about cutting it for the last 3 years so I need the extra support and charitable causes to help me take a leap of faith. Now I'm looking forward to my glamorous make over, what with selling my motorbike and becoming a mother I rather like the idea of style re-invention. But I am also a bit tomboyish and bit lazy with my personal maintenance so lets see how long that enthusiasm lasts lol