Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Big Chop

Everyone who has ever met me, and some who haven't, know my hair. Its always been classic length - that's half my full height - 110cm long and is rather infamous. My whole life I've only seen a handful with hair as long as / longer than my own, people even stop me in the street, its my most defining feature and main source of vanity! All of this is a long winded way to get across how important having over a metre of hair is to me . . . and I'm chopping it all off!!

Well not all of it but I will go from thigh length to shoulder length hair in one big swoop, that is over 60cm / 24" !
The Little Princess Trust make real hair wigs for children with cancer and I have to be brave for those children, I hope that there will be a little princess out there enjoys wearing my hair as much as I did.
GOSH is a wonderful place dear to my heart, my brother was born with a hole in his heart & tetralogy of Fallot. I'm very proud be raising money for this amazing hospital over the years Adam has had several important operations as well as countless tests and appointments there when we were both children.