Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Last week I bought a dairy-lea stackables snack for my 18 month old as treat on a day trip to London town. I love the idea and have never eaten them before but was disappointed. The crackers were sweet and the cheese bland, after reading the label I wasn't impressed.

Cheese food stuff with only 71% cheese, ham that was oddly slimy and the crackers had added sugar. All three had the usual emulsifiers and favourings that make things look and feel "right" although offical bumpf says they use natural ingredients.

I do love the dunker's snack made by the same company and all 3 of us scoff them regularly in our house, but really didn't enjoy these stackables. So with the warmer weather coming and picnic season starting I thought I'd have a go at putting together my own for half the cost and twice as tasty.

We had a picnic in the "meadow" out the back of our house and enjoyed every last crumb! I used a jam tart packaging with x3 round recesses, ritz crackers, ermental cheese and sausage luncheon meat :) You can supplement each item to mix & match to your personal taste, using Edam or cheddar and salami or chiritzo -which is my 2 yo nieces favourite :D

Please see below for comparisons to ingredients and RDA of fat and calories.