Saturday, 29 January 2011

Egyptian Revolutions

This week news reports have been dominated by the world changing protests attempting to over throw the government regime lead by President Mubarak. They’re using slogans as quoted here in The Guardian:

"We don't want him! We will go after him!" demonstrators shouted. They decried looting and sabotage, saying: "Those who love Egypt should not sabotage Egypt!"

After 5 days of riots and protests curfews installed by the military have been ignored, the protesters dispersing only at the call to prayer. There are numerous un-pleasant stories of plains clothes policemen arming themselves with iron bars, bricks and bottles, working through crowds, taking people aside and beating them violently. One such story is about a group of female protesters being taken aside and brutally beaten for merely attending; many people have experienced this treatment from police and officials, including Jack Shenker a British reporter in Cairo.

Last month I wrote a long ranting blog about the Student protests in London and Manchester and how I could not abide the condoning of the violence that lead from it. This revolution could not be further from those past protests but still the student complaint persists. I hope that the current total of 73 dead in Egypt will not grow but if reform is not imminent I doubt it will be so.

It has been quoted from Fawaz Gerges that this is a "Berlin moment for the Arab world". I hope for all our sakes he is right, I will be watching the on going situation eagerly.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

In with the old!

In with the old: the new year hails some retro electricals

The new year might be a sign of progress marching forward, but it seems the high street didn’t get the memo, with some very retro inspired electricals. This radio player, £69 from wouldn’t look out of place in an old-school American diner, and this dashboard clock, £24.99 from Lakeland, is straight out of war-era Britain. Who needs a touch screen when retro looks this good?

In with the old: the new year hails some retro electricals