Thursday, 18 October 2012

Upworthy is worth a look

Upworthy is a website for viral left wing political content and I enjoying getting posts from on FaceBook. Think one part The Onion, one part The Daily Show with a viral cherry on top. The kind of content the site will be sharing is shown in this Venn diagram:

I often use their posts to express my political views via FB when I dont have time to write about my own views on stories about bigots (what is the opposite of a bigot btw?) and politics on this blog. Although it is mostly American its catchy headlines and simply punchy news posts are making interesting stories reachable - its so easy to click a few buttons and share their very share-worthy posts on any or all of the big social networks.

They are definitely educating the self centred vain masses and opening this eyes and minds - right on!