Sunday, 15 August 2010

King Maker

I love RPGs and also action adventure games so when I first played Fable I loved it. Its a beautifully rendered game with exciting features and unique moral consequences. A few years later and I am still thoroughly enjoying the franchise and eagerly anticipate the new game later this year.

With Fabel III's realise date set for 29th October there is a pre-order treat for us on the lion-head website, pre-order with them and you get to design a villager that will be used in game : ) You decided the area they were born and live in, the way they speak, what they wear and thanks to a little quiz you can also define their "personality".

Along with the villager feature there is also a mobile game called King Maker. Its essentially a capture the flag game were you use a system similar to geo-caching to "log in" at locations to earn in game money, much like the a simular feature in the previous games :)