Saturday, 27 December 2008

Bah Humbug

What did Santa bring you? We were very lucky, with a tumble dryer, a new car and I got a stunning designer cocktail dress. Despite this Dave and I have both felt that Christmas cheer this year seems a bit distant. We can't quite get that festive feeling. It might be because we are not enjoying Christmas with friends and family, because we are in a new house that doesn't quite feel like home yet or maybe because it has come so quickly after our wedding and honeymoon that we have had not time to build up excitement.

What ever the reason we do not have as much Christmas Spirit as there was before. The 25th felt like any other day really, we lounged around, watched TV, a couple of movies and played computer games. Boxing day was much better, we went to Caver Barracks to shoot clay pigeons on the old air field. It was great fun and definitely something I would like to do again : ) We have had a great week but not necessarially because it is Christmas.

I look forward to the weekend too, seeing family and going out for my brothers 21st birthday which is going to be a pretty big deal. Some of my friends have also had changes in their lives late this year, did any of you feel less than Christmassy this time round? Or is it just because as we get older Christmas is losing some of its magic? (which I personally do not believe!)

Next year wont be much different for me either cause Dave will probably be out on tour so I'll be lonesome. I'm still looking forward to a trip away when he does go though, probably Australia and New Zealand so its not all bad : )

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  1. Well honey at least you're going to keep yourself busy so that can't be bad.

    Your new home will feel homely before you know it :)