Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Anime adaptations part three: Future productions

Future productions

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Cowboy bebop is my favourite anime bar none. It has a seamless link of sci fi and realistic action (and fist fights) with anime and music, it is easy going, funny and cool. The characters are space cowboys who have a lot of our present day life in their story from their costumes to what they eat, which really makes you feel connected. This funky anime has impressed many including Keaneu Reeves who is really pushing it for production, they have a script but no one has come forward yet to take the rights for a movie. I think as an American actor in a very westernised anime he would make a good Spike Spegel and I look forward to some more information on it, Watch this space.

There is a big retro culture for our generation and as adults we love our 80’s cartoons, the top dog of which is Thundercats (although my favourite will always be Brave Starr). There have been several rumours about this live action movie and the rights for a CGI movie have been obtained for realise in 2010, not other information at this time. CGI sounds good as like Dragonball Z live action it could easily look silly, there are so many things that could go wrong. To prove me wrong here is a fan trailer – which took 18 months to produce btw- with a dream casting; Brad Pitt, Vin diesel and Hugh Jackman. So much eye candy! They look great and convinces me live action could be the way to go. Vin Diesel is the perfect Panthra, plus I’m sure he would look great in spandex lol They all look great, even Garfield and the spykids : D

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