Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Chicken Coop

The Chicken coop is up! It looks fantastic I couldn't have asked for better : ) Its a proper little house with a nice sized nest box and a pair of perches inside, it is the perfect size for 4 hens.

We are going to stain the doors, roofs and the frame of the run, which David still needs to put together. I'm holiday for the next few weeks so we prob wont pick up the girls intill the end of February.

I have also laid out a rough plan for our vegetable patch. A staggered collection of peas carrots and onions, hopefully we can have a steady supply of all 3 through the summer months. I'm also going to grow some shallots, beans and strawberries and I thought for something new ill try a couple of pumpkins and see how big I can grow them by October : D


  1. Another spare room for your guests!

  2. Yup, its already been referred to as the "Granny Annex" : D

  3. Thats a really pretty little house!