Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Aboriginals - The Indigenous Australians

Aboriginal people are hunters and gatherers and there is proof they have been living in Australia for 40,000 years, maybe as long as 60,000years making them the oldest race so far known on earth.

Traditionally, the aboriginal people obtain all their food from the land and move seasonally across Australia. They developed an intimate map of their landscape that is passed on generation after generation through their Dreamtime stories. Aboriginal people have a deep spiritual connection to the land. This is shown through art, music and dance.

Sadly today Aboriginals are the invisible people of Australia. Everyone knows the history of their treatment under colonial rule was horrendous, and their social problems endure, but by and large white Australians apparently prefer to pretend they don’t exist—except when it comes to using their culture in interpretive facilities or their fascinating, mystical art for adornments.

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