Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Veg growing . . .

. . . has not been so good this year. I had staggered crops of vegtables planted in the back garden for us to enjoy eating throughout the summer but because of the damp heat (28-32) a lot of the veg has failed. The peas barely garmented, struggled to produce flowers and only gave half a dozen pods and the beans also struggled to keep up with the weather. Strawberries also failed to produce a good amount of fruit, and even those few were small and odd shaped. Raspberries did a little better but still not ideal.

The other plants are doing well, I suspect another bumper crop of chillis, with the exception of some strange moth eaten leaves - quite possibly actually being eaten by moths!

The onions are doing brilliantly and the carrots are looking good too but both are slow growers, although I think the first set of onions will need much longer before they are ready. I am disappointed by the quick crop failure, and I'm still buying fresh produce from the supermarket :(

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