Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Cold Cat Killer

33 cats have been poisoned by anti freeze in Somerset, in Stogursey and nearby Bridgwater. What kind of pathetic person would maliciously kill peoples beloved pets? I understand that lots of people dislike cats and their roaming can cause trouble for some. In particular they can be condemned for their hunting but they are animals, hunting is their nature and they are innocent animals. It is also true that humans are cruel in their nature but with rational thinking and intelligence they have means to control their behaviour. I hope that authorities can get to the bottom of the mystery soon, I know that If I lived there I'd keep pets safe indoors intill there is a resolution!
Here are the details from the Daily Mail on the story in Somerset. It seems antifreeze is the weapon of choice for cat killers with some similar reports all over the country, Wales and the West Midlands have also had series of kitty murders. Is this intentional killing or just irresponsible storage of the product? One owner Emma Guy is campaigning for bitteran to be added to antifreeze so that animals are repelled from it.

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