Thursday, 25 November 2010

Make some noise to show your respect

Many may already know I support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, if you’re not sure who Sophie is in 2007 she was a victim of a violent hate crime that took her life. Her mother Sylvia runs the foundation to promote awareness of hate & ignorance and to encourage tolerance for those who are different from you.

As this Friday would have been Sophie's birthday it would be nice to take a minute to remember her. Instead of a minutes silence to show respect Sylvia would like to make it “Make A Noise” day, and has asked if everyone can have a minute of loud noises for Sophie. It’s time to break out your drums, bash things in and sing your heart out, turn it up to 11 and remember Sophie in a way she’d want \m/ If you can record your noise making the foundation and Sylvia would love to hear about it!

A minute of noise for Sophie is a minute of noise against all hate crimes, not just the ones already illegal.

Recent promotion for the foundation have created quite a lot of public support, to continue that support please pass on this message. Comment your ideas I'd love to hear them; I'm going to whack the metal music up to 11 and headbang the whole 60 seconds. Once you’ve recorded your noises send them in to Sylvia here.

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