Monday, 6 December 2010

Facebook cartoon profile pic craze

Thundercats - epic 80's cheese in leotards :)

Facebook is a social network site which, it seems, most of the population is a member of. Its a great way to update and communicate with friends who are out of touch or the area, with blog posts, photos and personal news. The biggest side show of this phenomne is the fun networking games where you send "gifts" and help friends out but there are also the staus crazes that sweep through every so often. Last year there was the bra colour post for girls only to annoy the boys and more recently the cartoon profile pictures apparently to show support for NSPCC.

Bravestarr - less well known but by far my favourite.

No non-profit organization has taken up the responsibility and thus, no money is funneled into a legitimate organization. Some websites have claimed British charity NSPCC to be the one to introduce it but they however deny it. NSPCC has posted on Twitter, ‘Although the NSPCC did not originate the childhood cartoon Facebook campaign, we welcome the attention it has brought to the work we do.’

There is now a rumour that this campaign was set up by paedophiles to lure in children to being their "friend". First of all if everyone is doing it so its not misleading children and second of all Facebook is an adult site meant for over 16's (14yo can join with parental supervision) and even though minors do join (by lying about their age) its hardly the best place for groomers. Although it seems unclear where this craze started, there is no evidence or reports (even on the news!) to back up this rumour.

He-Man - I wasn't a fan but my hubby loves this and M.A.S.K.

Another big question is how does make 'Facebook cartoon profile pic' help to fight against child abuse? A Blogger said that: ‘Facebook cartoon profile pic does not really support the NSPCC unless it inspires or encourages you or someone else to volunteer or donate, which hopefully it will." It does support awareness thats for sure, did it inspire you? It inspired me to write about it and make a donation.

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