Thursday, 30 December 2010

Lego Star Wars

I love Lego and I love star wars so its a reasonable assumption to say I love the licensed toys produced by Lego! In particular I like the little people, lego mini figures, the produce such cute replicas of the characters and their costumes. I have 27 Star Wars Lego figures and another dozen regular Lego mini figs, I just cant get enough of them. I recently rekindled my love for these little toys after a christmas gift from my my mother in law, a new lego star wars mini set and the visual dictionary : D what a great gift!

The Lego universe is always changing and has changed dramatically since I last paid it any particular attention, I only just noticed that my Leia mini figs had pink skin and the others had yellow. Then whilst browsing ebay I noticed many of the mini figures had pink and brown skin tones which is great - Mace Windu is my favourite jedi from the council - and the the new revamped mini figs have very detailed feature's and head pieces. My problem is most of my current mini figs have yellow heads, do I buy new pink headed detailed figures or continue my current collection with yellow heads?

Lego have this to say:

"When the minifigure was first introduced 30 years ago, it was given the iconic yellow skin tone to reflect the non-specific and transcendental quality of a child’s imagination. In 2002, as more licensed properties were added to the assortment, the decision was made to introduce ethnic and skin tones more in keeping with the actual characters and personalities who were being replicated. This included the introduction of black minifigures. However, these ethnic minifigures are only used in our licensed sets, all Lego playthemes continue to use the generic yellow face."

I started collecting in 2000 through to 2005 but since getting married I haven't collected many more toys (paying bills becomes a bit more important nowadays) but still don't see how could I have missed this major overhaul of Lego men, blimey!

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