Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Car booty!

I just I'd share a few of the goodies I've got for sale at the moment, as we are having a big clear out. Its amazing how a priority like having a baby on the way can make even a hoarder have a brutal clear out, I'm sad to say good bye to some of my cool junk but it needs to be done.

The first and biggest lot is a complete Wii bundle with 12 games (Zelda, Tomb Raider, Lego Star Wars, Mario etc) and a host of official accessories including a travel bag, boxing gloves, zapper & driving wheel. All have original boxes with instructions and are in great condition £150 ono for the whole lot, a bargain as these were going for nearly twice that at Christmas. (I missed the boat there >_>)

I also have an N64, Dream-cast and Game-cube (original box) all with corresponding cables and games for very cheap prices, from £5-£15 :) Plenty of some older PS2 games available as well at £1 each :)

Rock Band instruments for XBOX360 are in a dusty but good condition, we'd like £50 for the set. The Stratocasters whammy bar has a loose spring but other wise they are in good working order, not shown is the original drum sticks and microphone, the set is less that 2 years old but unfortunately mere months ago my DH threw out the original boxes! I have Rock Band 2 and Beatles games for the XBOX. I also have Guitar Hero games I&II for PS2 with its original box for only £20 (I am usually good at keeping boxes ;)

Since Mr Toffee passed away we have a large indoor pet cage (which was £80 new on its own) with loads of accessories from mixed animals, a large wheel and ball in "rat/chinchilla" size, a ceramic heat lamp, small pet carrier (suitable for any small mammals) and a mixed collection of ferret and cat toys with bells etc. The whole pet bundle for £50 would be great :)

This lovely Jug has never been used in our house, its a beautiful piece which has 4 very fine glasses to match in bright blue, sadly the set has been gathering dust. We also have 2 goblet style glasses which are not shown in the photo and we would like £15 for all 7 pieces.

We have lots of games, comics and books that will go to a car boot this Sunday and some of my home made costumes for sale too over at Some of the things are quite new but don't get used very much, we need space for all the new junk that comes with parent hood (it seems babies need an awful lot of kit!) and the extra cash it will raise is a bonus.

All prices are negotiable make me an offer and I'd be glad to have my cool junk go to a new home :)

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  1. All the consoles save for the PS2 have gone! The Car boot was a good success, we sold loads of great stuff for £170. In case your interested we still have the lovely jug set too which got left at home :)