Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Marvel Avengers Assemble

The Marvel Avengers Assemble movie trailer was released today, and oh boy are we in for a treat in April! I just phoned my mum and booked her as baby sitter and (as long as Dave is in the UK) we are going out for the premier, I am already super excited!!

The movie has been well and truly set up with Nick Fury recruiting the stars at the end of several of Marvels recent movies. The up coming Avengers movie is written and directed by fabulous Joss Weadon, staring play boy Robert Downey Jr. sexy Chris Evans super cool dude Samuel L. Jackson, old hand Lou Ferrigno and not to mention hot totty Gwyneth Paltrow. Im a little disappointed by Hawkeye and Black widows apparent subdued costumes compared to the bright and loud main runners, I understand you cna only have so many heroes and it can be too busy but hope their support work doesn't get too lost. Which would be easy as the trailer heavily features some amazing action, the Hulk rescues Ironman, C.America and Thor are fighting the invading aliens, and world dominating super robots explode - OHMYGOSH JUST GO AND WATCH IT!

It looks just AWESOME! I hope it won't be a disappointment - I wont even go into the heartbreak of the X-men Series - I love Wonder Woman the all round super girl and Batman is the bomb so have a soft spot for Justice league but man, the Avengers knocks spots of them!

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