Sunday, 23 December 2012

Play Kitchen

Ikea hack is an excellent website with creative posts customising flat pack furniture, with so many wonderful ideas. By far the most popular item to make is a play kitchen- which is great as that is exactly what we have been building! Wooden play kitchens cost a lot and with a small amount of DIY experience an injection of flash christmas cash from Nanny (my mum) I set about our own kitchen project. (Actually my husband is a carpenter but I did half the work and it is simple & easy to do even without training!)

After some research, into what is apparently a very large DIY sub category, we decided to stick loosely to this design. Our design incorporated an oven with pyrex door, hob with turning knobs and dog bowl sink. My dad is a plumber so he is keeping an eye out for a small basin facet to use with turning handles to make it even more awesome.

We started off with 2 RAST bedside tables at £9 each. We went to Ikea to have a mouch about for more supplies and also bought a rail and hooks from FINTORP. As it is ikea we also bought lots of bits we don't need, some relevant toy utensils and pots as well as the obligatory soft toy.

Sink has a wooden tap
Doors, handles and even a towel rail!

I put up the first beside table to use 
as a basis and Dave used the 2nd table to make the doors on the front as well as a separator and top shelf. Dave cut out a hole for the sink and used plywood to make a back board for the shelf and pots to hang from - i will put a little kitchen timer on there too as Lucas seems obsessed with my real one. The finishing touches was to put all the knobs and handles on, including a larger "handle" horizontally to use as a towel rail next to the sink.  

Almost perfect :)
I am so excited about how well this turned out! It still needs "glass" in the oven door and all the accessories ie pots and pans are gifts so will have to wait a few days for Santa to bring. As a result of our spate of DIY Lucas is currently more interested in using the screw driver and drill on the hinges / screws of the kitchen! but once he has the right tools I doubt it will be long before he starts using the kitchen to whip up a 3 course meal for his wonderful parents.
role play seems to be emulating his Daddy atm . . .

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