Thursday, 1 May 2008

Tea House Fox

I have made a new friend: The little tea house fox ^_^

This little guy has taken the neon lit office cubical world by storm! And I love him too ^_^ Who would think such a content little fox could be such a superstar : )

He is one of the many header "themes" for iGoogles home page, and the scene changes every 2 hours or so to view the Fox doing a different activity in accordance with your local time zone.

First thing in the morning Fox is fishing, then as the morning wears on he picks oranges from the orchard his little tea house sits in. Later in the day he fishes and has a little picnic. At night he has tea outside on the porch and plays a shiemsien on the dock before curling up in a sleeping bag to catch 40 winks. There are other scenes too, including rumours of a ghostly visit at 3 am…..

Go check out folks, I certainly enjoy the small, free things in life and this is one highly recommended! So go and enjoy : )

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