Monday, 5 May 2008

Global Warming

Undoubtedly global warming is here, and is caused by CO2. Scientists have various research to determine if we are to blame for our over use of fossil fuels and wasteful of energy consumption.

The recent Live Earth Movement included a series of large concerts around the globe with an effort to promote our participation in the fight on global warming. They promote The Kyoto Protocol (a global plan to slow down global warming) and with sponsors like Chevy and their fuel efficient vehicles and Phillips Electronics with their slogan "its so simple" they hope to save the earth.

Using compact light bulbs that last longer and use less energy, turning down the heating, turning of the tap when you brush your teeth, taking the bus or train are all simple things we can do to save energy and prevent the every increasing temperature on out planet.

But it really isn't so simple. Preventing catastrophic global warming calls for a complete restructuring of the global economy; Live Earth concerts with daily jet setting stars and buying energy efficient light bulbs isn't going to do it.

Bjorn Lomborg a pronounced author on the subject says :

"The Kyoto Protocol will cut CO2 emissions from industrialised countries by 50% in 2050. Yet, if everyone (including the US) lived up to the protocol's rules, and stuck to it throughout the century, the change would be almost immeasurable, postponing warming for just six years in 2100. And the economic models tell us that the cost would be substantial - at least $150 billion a year." Just six years.

The United Nations estimates that half that amount could permanently solve all of the world's major problems: hunger, conflict, diseases like HIV, lack of clean drinking water and lack of education are all things that i think need attention in preference to climate change.

It's a shame to have to prioritise important issues but we don't have enough resources to win all the wars on our planet. The Governments of our world need to prioritise these issues and decide in which area we can do the most good.

Global warming is one of the biggest debates of our generation, with so many angles. What caused the cool down freeze of the 1950s to switch so dramatically to global warming? Are they both exaggerations of fact or proper gander to get use to be less wasteful in our lives? Are we to blame? We are at the end of an ice age after all.


  1. I think you raise a very valid point about restructuring global economics. The fact is that money talks. The only time that these companies around the world would change to more environmentally friendly methods would be if it made them and easier buck.

    Global climate fluctuates from extremes on a long cycle over many years. No doubt we will be seeing another freeze in the way we saw in the 50's at some point in the future and then back around again. The trouble is I fear that every time it comes around it will be more extreme.

    I think that we have to face that we are going to see some radical changes in our natural environment. All that effort for 6 years is a waste of time, we as a species we will have to adapt to our inevitable new living conditions regardless of fault or responsibility.

    As a famous movie once put it "Life will find a way" and we'll have to or we'll die out.

    I don't know how long the human race is supposed to carry on for but we're usually pretty persiverent. I hope we survive.

  2. Only problem is Jim is we are at our peak, what happens if we can't adapt?

    Apparently Homo sapiens are at the end of their evolution, if so we will have to used our knowledge and intellect to survive an environmental change. I believe that we will have to rely on technology to live within a hostile environment. But then saying that the crocodiles have been at their peak for hundreds of years and they are nigh on in-destructable.

    Enless of course we can grow gills and webbed feet, super human strength or even physic abilities with so called "evolutionary jumps" that we see in media and entertainment (who wouldn't love to be an x-man??) unfortunately I don't think we've got much more to go.

    I think you are right that the fluctuations will be more powerful each time, and that will mean support and aid for everyone, do you think that when the time comes the governments and co-operations will worry about the people of the third world? I think it will be every man for himself rather than a global community working together to survive.

    I do think its diabolical that at present the environment takes priority over the people of the earth who are ill, dying and in pain. Its horrid to have to prioritise but we can't do everything. But then I've said that already haven't I : )