Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Uniformed Troops

I've read a lot about protests and abuse towards service men and women in recent times – you may notice the radio and TV today is big on news about the RAF being told to not wear their uniform in Peterborough. This is news to the general public but it the no uniform rule has been around for a while for one reason: servicemen are targets.

People are calling servicemen names as well as shouting abuse at them in the street. It's frustrating, they are blaming the wrong people. They should take their complaints to their MP's or to local governments or direct to Westminster if they so wish, not our brave troops. Its such a shame that in patriotic America their soldiers are treated with great respect. Wether in uniform or not they are given handshakes and respect by the public. I don't expect the same here but the complete opposite is un-acceptable.

These people obviously don't realise that they are just doing their jobs. They go where they're told and do what they're told to do. The servicemen of our country have the hardest job of all and are currently working in confrontation situations abroad let alone in the streets of their home town. They should not be trying to fight on two fronts, and with each casualty, and with so many experienced soldiers, sailors and airmen leaving the Armed Forces, their days get harder and harder. They should reflect on how much sacrifice is given, not just the front line but to their personal lives as well.

Despite the widely held opinion that the war was unjust in the first place, (one which i agree with) they should be honoured as the war heroes that they are.

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