Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Zelda live action movie and Bard class in Wow

In case you haven’t heard what an awesome April fool it was this year in the gaming world I thought I would enlighten you : ) First up is ING’s Zelda live action movie trailer; I love it! It’s a rather extravagant spoof made by rainfall productions, the trailer took 3 months to film, had a massive casting program and most of the special effects done at home on a Mac ^_^

Then there is blizzard…. They are a bunch of big kids with a lot of time (and money for that matter) on their hands. For instance, did you know that Lich King would be adding an awesome bard class to World of Warcraft or that WoW was coming to consoles with Molten Core (there’s even a trailer!)? And you must have heard about Tauren marines in StarCraft II, right? You haven’t even seen Diablo II: Loot Pinata??

If you are a gamer, I highly recommend you go check them all out : D

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