Monday, 16 June 2008

Bikers and Buses

New London mayor Boris Johnson has squared up to the subject of bikers in bus lanes and come down firmly on the side of powered two wheelers being allowed to join cyclists and taxi's in the specially marked bus lanes. To date, bikers caught straying into these lanes would automatically pick up a £120 fine!

Despite stiff opposition from cycling groups worried that push-cyclists could be put in greater danger, Mr Johnson looked at evidence from studies showing an actual improvement in safety when powered two wheelers were allowed into the reserved bus lanes.

Bikers have been allowed to use bus lanes for some years in Bristol and there has also been a three year trial in which motorcyclists used the bus lanes in A23 Brixton Road, the A13 Leamouth Road and Butcher Row East and A41 Finchley. This study in London concluded that allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes proved safer for pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and all road users with a 42% reduction in collisions.

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