Saturday, 24 January 2009

Mr Toffee's troubles concluded

Claire our local vet checked his teeth, which are fine as well as removing the lump and fixing the wound with 6 stitches. The lump has been sent of to be tested for malignant of benign cells.

Here is a photo 12 days after the surgery:
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As you can see Mr Toffee is well on the mend now, the bruising is fading the wound is nearly healed. I'm very glad to report he is back to his old self, eating properly and running in his wheel. I think the whole ordeal has made him more appreciative of me and home, a few days ago he fell asleep on my lap (out in the open, he usually hides somewhere for a nap) while I rubbed behind his ear, like a cat lol I hope this is the case as he has seemed to be very well behaved...for example when I clipped his nails, he only pulled his foot away once and didn't huff at all - which very rare especially when clipping nails!!

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