Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Lookit lookit!

All together now: "Its cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere...." Well this was a pleasant surprise, I had not heard about this intill today even though it has been on the cards for over a year now. I'm not sure about you guys but I know I am looking forward to see if it is good.

Can they really make the frequently dysfunctional group of individuals know as the surviving crew of Red Dwarf as funny as the first brilliant shows nearly 20 years ago? After 8 series -the last ending 10 years ago- will it be as funny? What with the now hardened actors and without the poor cgi and graphics? We shall have to wait for April 10th to see! I am really looking forward to finding out and and looking forward to Easter weekend when we catch up with the smegging gang : )

PS did you know Ronnie Barker auditioned for Red Dwarf?? I bloody well didn't! I'm glad Chris Barrie got the job instead, he is a brilliant actor and what holds the whole show together in my book, although its rather a close call with Danny John Joules who is just genius! I love that little shuffle dance the cat does "Woow!" He is just too cool for school : D

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  1. I must admit I have heard that it's crap. Lots of things apertaining to the casts' subsequent careers i.e landing on the set of Corrie *nudge nudge wink wink* But I don't know how reliable those reports are.

    I so want it to be good. xXx