Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Friends for life.

Despite a tragic start I have to say 2006 was a fantastic year. I have no doubt that I and many of my friends dealt with our grief and shock by reminding ourselves we are lucky to be alive, the summer which followed was unforgettable.

At the beginning of the summer Dave signed up and was away for 6 months training, I still lived and home and was only working part time, I was foot loose and fancy free not to mention itching to be busy. We had parties all over the place and they were all full of music, dancing and good times. A whole gang of us went to download music festival which for many of us was our first festival, and boy what a goodun it was. We went out dancing every weekend, stayed out till late and went wild (in a well behaved kind of way lol). As autumn approached I was overflowing with enthusiasm for life and determined to see through the plans that had been made.

3 years later a lot has changed and the same group of friends go to the seaside for the day. Its a celebration and one of my dear friends is engaged to be married, everyone is ecstatic! We had a fantastic day, I bought a picnic, we spent out time chatting and paddling in the sea, Noggs even had a kyte. It was a great day full of fun and friendship and towards to end of the day I started to think where we would all be in another 6 years. Watching my husband play with the dogs, and the love birds cooing together it isn't hard to imagine us together with our own kids in tow.

We are already half way there, of those at the beach there are 2 couples already married, 3 engaged and 2 have bought their own houses. Not to mention pet owners ; ) I hope that in the next few years I still have the joy of company with the same friends I have shared my life with.

Circle 2003 from left Frank, Mark, Alex, Noggs, Little Matt, Me, Abe and Jig. (whos flat we are in, the first to move out.) We are all 17 in this photo.

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