Monday, 8 June 2009

Celebrity news headlines

It amazing me how celebrity private lives are increasingly shared and gobbled up by the public. I know this is the age of sharing, social networking phenomena has changed the way we live and the emotionally volatile young people of our generation combined mean a lot of people are open and wear their hearts - and their anger - on their sleeves.

I don't anything wrong with this as I am a firm believe in freedom of speech but it winds me up when there are ignorant groups on facebook about sensitive issues archiving nothing and forgotten the next week. The open society means that some people can't resist giving their own opinions, and they are free to give it anyone and everyone.

Read all about it! Katie Price and Peter Andre have broken up! If you have ever seen an episode of their TV show you won't find it hard to see why. I personally think he put up with too much of her mouth, but then he knows that is all it is -all bark and no bite- but everyone has their limits and I reckon he is better of without her. I also think that she is playing right into his hands with the outrageous behaviour in Ibiza, and he is lapping it up by playing perfect Daddy which will all go in his favour regarding custody.

I am worried how the papers spend weeks worth of headlines and front pages on the likes of Jade Goody and Katie Price. Are these people, these "Celebrities" really our nations most pressing issues? No, but it sure does sell a lot of papers.

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