Sunday, 12 July 2009

Home grown

Apparently carrots are very hard to grow in a small holding, and many allotment holders have tried many times only to fail. I seem to have lucky green fingers despite my inexperience - I have no idea how I am doing it! Maybe its naive of me or the pride of my first crop but my carrots are perfect : )

were pride of place in my now full to bursting vegetable patch. I decided to pull them even though they are still very small, I was worried about the second wave of carrot fly and also the mulch I had mistakenly used last week on the whole veg patch.

So I pull my prized baby carrots: out of 20 I only got one green top and one split carrot, the rest were small and looked knobbly and I grew them from seed, the first edible plants I have ever grown and - in till today - they wonky but they cleaned up wonderfully and tasted perfect : ) I am happy to have pulled them and a bit annoyed at the mulch error, they might have been prize winners; i even got a funny one ; )

I won't be growing root vegetables again, they take too long to grow and take up too much space, and offer little harvest for the investment. After the plants I have tested this year I much prefer peas, beans and fruits that are quick to grow and harvest, which means I can show them to friends and family more often ; )

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