Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Marital Bliss

Bit of a diary post again I'm afraid folks, seeing as I can't blog about the political issues that are on my mind at the moment. This weekend Dave and I had some real quality time together, and I thought I'd share it with any one caring to read it.

Often our weekends go one or two ways: rushing around seeing family and friends on a one night trip to our home town in Hampshire, or we get the chance to laze about the house (Me in my PJ's naturally) eating good home cooked food and playing on the XBox and/or watching a movie together.
This weekend was different, and I shall tell you why. Saturday morning we went to the builders merchant and bought 3 planks of wood. Once home David measured them up, cut them to size and screwed them all together. Mean while I spent a gruelling hour digging in our "lawn". We washed up for tea happy with our progress : )

Sunday morning Dave disappears at 8am (a non existent time for me on a Sunday) to the tip and comes back with a boot full of hardcore. He unloads and starts smashing up his collection of bricks and paving slabs with a hammer. After finishing with the hard core together we fill up our bed with compost and soil, with the contents of two grow bags on the top as mulch. What follows is 3 hours or more of planting on my part assisted and supervised at times by Dave. The result of a productive weekend spent working together with one another's strengths is now the pride in our home: The vegetable patch.

What more could you ask for in your first year of marriage, than contentment and satisfaction?

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