Thursday, 2 July 2009

Fun things this summer : )

I often spend a lot of time surfing the net. Most of the time it is looking at things I wish I could own, there are so many fun things that you could never warrant worth while buying despite the fact they are practical as well as fun. Well as it is my birthday in August and a few people have asked me what I want so maybe a few of these delightful treats might find there way to me

First up I thought id mention a site that do lovely animals birthday cards with textured paper and bows, perfect for toddlers Panda Birthday Card. If anyone else keeps a diary its important to have a good quality one that wont fall apart halfway through the year and this Black Moroccan Day to a Page Diary is perfect. It has plenty of space each day with out being bulky and is has the reliable and handsome design from Paperblanks.

Stylish and useful pedlers have a lot of nice things including Birds on the Wire Clothes Pegs

Kaboodle is quite famous for its fun and cute gadgets and home wear, I spent a good hour surfing and bookmarking this site last week! The following are a selection of the best (in my view) they have to offer this season. Since from moving t
o station house I have been in need of a new USB port and this USB tulip hub is spot on : ) I simply love this daisy grass mat it would be a colourful welcome to any home.

I love photography but the past few years have rarely had the chance to print photos of and get them into an album, this neat
camera photo album is versatile and useful. I have a lot of costume jewellery and love to mix and match my outfits, I'm not sure this Disney pirate's sword ring would get a daily airing but it sure is awesome.

Any one who has ever received a gift from me will know I like to wrap gifts nicely and often make it a bit special for those I love, so both this Snail Tape Dispenser review at Kaboodle graphic tape review at Kaboodle, graphic tape review at Kaboodle and giraffe kitchen scissors would make it even more fun : D

How cute would these cake roll washcloths look on a long plate in a guest room? early bird alarm clock would be cute too ^_^ I was very sad when my bargin ice cream bowl got smashed at a library in sweden but Ceramic Ice Cream Bowl Favors are pretty damn cool.

On the thread of table wear I also spotted this amazing
Silver Honey Bee and these cute Mushroom Salt & Pepper Shakers.

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