Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Shooting stars

Last night as previously posted, I sat and watched the Persid Meteor Shower. My husband and I headed into the meadow out the back our house with a blanket & Thermos to enjoy the show. We waited a while as the dusk took a long time to leave, it wasn't even completely dark before the moon rose but I got a look at 3 or 4 good ones and about a dozen little ones. Towards the end of the window - which is really the start of the real show - we saw the most awesome shooting star! It burned brightly and strongly for a few fractions of a second but it was so brilliant and bright, with several colours it looked like a rocket or firework.

Its a shame about the moon which is in its last quarter, I would have loved to have seen more but feel grateful for the chance, that rocket-star was unbelievably beautiful. I am still smiling even though it was last night! I love watching the stars and its even better snuggled up with my David on our anniversary, what a fine night it was indeed :)

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