Friday, 28 August 2009

Good will to all men

Recently I started making a dress costume for my friend, after my first few patterned pieces I felt happy to try something a bit harder. But a panelled lined fitted dress from scratch is a bit different from cushion covers and curtains! It was far too complicated for my mediocre dress making skills and I was depressed. I phoned several local tailors but no one was interested, one said he would have a look but decided he didn't have time to do it. BUT he did offer me use of his 2nd industrial sewing machine to use if I had time to do it myself. I tried to be clear that it was too hard for me and didn't know what to do but he still happy to show me.

It could have so easily been uncomfortable or in fact a disaster but it was an easy atmosphere and I did not feel unwelcome at all. After 7 hours of work I had nearly finished Komandei was a brilliant help, giving assistance where needed and gave me the confidence to do it all myself. I made a few mistakes but most were imperfections and a re-did a couple, I could have never done it by myself at home and he showed me a couple of new techniques that with a bit of practice I can now do myself. The zip was the hardest part but I am very happy with the result and hope that Laila is happy with the dress when I see her next week.

My point is that there are kind people where ever you are, even strangers. In this economy its easy to be selfish and only think of yourself, every one is short on pennies but Komandei helped me to finished my dress with no profit to himself and only my gratitude as payment. That kind of thing reminds me that the world hides gems all over the place, you just have to look ; )

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