Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Grave yard preperations

I have started to make some Halloween decorations for the party we are having on Oct 31st. I always love party planning and being the hostess with the mostess ; ) I have made the invites to be posted, stating a formal dinner hosted by Lord and Lady Carrington, but when the guests arrive they will be greeted by Igor and Frankenstein's bride in a haunted house! I have made shopping lists and started the menu.

Cobwebs and twisted silver and black crepe paper will be the main decoration but I'm also going to paint some fallen twigs and attach some fake crows for a spooky centrepiece. I've left a bouquet of flowers from my birthday dry naturally and they look brown and limp, perfect for Halloween ; ) In the hallway I'm going to make a chandelier from cardboard and hang a curtain for a nice dramatic entrance : )

I have ordered some supplies, a fancy table cloth with spider webs, straws and silver/black serviettes. And last weekend Dave and I started to make some cardboard gravestones for the front garden. He was keen to help and is going away next week, besides it never hurts to start early : ) We started with some slim boxes (Thank you Rock Band) and moulded them even further by cutting, bending and tying the cardboard together.

We papermached them with a few layers then painted them with a mix of sand and paint to give it a stony texture. It took a good week to finish them as the different layers needed to dry overnight. I made them all a slightly different texture & colour and by using different gothic font to give more variety they look fabulous : )

I hope David can find some treats while he is away in Canada, in particular I'm after a severed arm to have coming up out of the grass in front of the "I'm not dead" gravestone LOL I'm also going to rig some fishing wire to a skeleton resting in a home made coffin (cardboard again) filled with straw, when I open the front door he should get pulled up giving those trick n' treaters a bit of a surprise ; )

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  1. wow you're certainly putting the effort in! Please tell me that picture at the top is your house, that is so awesome! I'm so miffed I can't be there, sounds like it will be great! x