Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sugar Momma

I have always enjoyed making things myself; clothes, cards, artwork, accessories and gifts, but best of all I like to cook. I love baking, making fudge, jam and preserves.

Last Christmas I gave everyone a jar of jam as a gift, I also made a few dozen for a Christmas fair, which everyone loved. Now that we have hens I have been working towards putting an honesty box in the shed out the front for our excess eggs, that way they are not wasted and we get some money back towards keeping the girls.Seeing that the jam was such a hit (most people have asked for more) and I love making it (and I have the time) I have decided to try selling it out the front and going to more fairs this year. There are a couple of horticultural fairs I will be entering which I am very much looking forward to : )

I want to make it clear that my fruit is home grown or wild, that it is free from artificial ingredients and I also need a brand name to start with. I can’t think of anything new and am stuck on words/things already associated with me. I’d love to know what you think and any feed back would be greatly appreciated : )

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