Friday, 21 May 2010

Carrington farm

Since getting a new job as dog handler, we’ve fitted a serious fence half way down the garden to segregate the chickens, partly for the dog but principally because they make such a mess! Its nice to keep the farm yard in the business end of the garden and keep the patio for the people and the flowers :)

In their garden they have a bus shelter, an empty flowerbed to roll in, a windbreak and sunshade, a nice log and a custom built perch, which btw they never use *rolls eyes*. They’ve also got some other luxuries and entertainment; they are very spoiled chickens :) They do jump over said fence, namely nimbly little Esme with smarty pants Gwen following close behind but when Monty spends most of the day in the garden they are smart enough to stay in their side, despite the temptation of fresh grass and my vegetable patch.

The girls have all settled in tremulously, have oodles of individual character and are currently laying 6 eggs a week average each. Gwen in particular likes to announce her skill straight after laying her daily egg! The eggs are regular sizes now they have had some practice, and the girls themselves have also averaged out in size. Bertha isn’t the biggest by a landslide any more, all 3 have grown to near enough her size, even little Esme although she is still the smallest. Blue is rapidly gaining weight as she is so greedy and isn't too shy to snatch either, she can eat 4 cherry tomatoes in the space the others only get one!

We are managing to eat all the eggs ourselves, which really shouldn’t surprise me, as we can’t get enough of the tasty fresh eggs, but sadly means the neighbours don’t get to share in the yumminess! Sorry (but not too sorry) guys ;)

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