Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Dog Training

In April I finally bagged a full time job, a good one too, as a dog handler and I was pleased with the new job -still in secuirty industry- although it is very challenging.

I am self employed and work for TBW, I have a company owned dog Monty to care for, he was passed around the houses and hasn't had a female handler/trainer before so at first completely ignored my commands, taking a preference to any male present - even strangers. He was police trained at 18 months old but was passed up for government work and has spent his career in private security as a guard dog. He has been with me for a few months now and has learnt that I am the master, he is generally obedient and quiet although has some behavioural issues when out on walks or around other dogs - the worst of which is that he is male dog aggressive.

I have been trying to train him to heel but with little success, and he nearly always kicks of when we are at work. He knows when he is working and enjoys being on guard, but when colluegues with thier own working dogs (all of which are un-nurtured males) are around he becomes very defensive and aggressive.

In the next few months I am hoping to teach him to "watch" only on command, he is a big dog and is hard to handle; he can easily pull me over. It will be hard work but I plan to update the blog as I go, hopefully giving you guys an insight into the mind of a Working Dog : )

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