Tuesday, 22 June 2010


SSAFA Forces Help are immediately available to support you and your family, whether you are serving at home, overseas or in an operational environment. They provide several services including but not are not limited to; Health care abroad, confidential support line, holidays for special needs children and their siblings as well as financial support and advice. They are a relatively small charity that do a lot of important work!

There is an army of SSAFA volunteers who offer practical help when you need a helping hand. They provide essential support when partners are away or when times get tough. I am one of those volunteers and can help with hands on stuff, ie look after the children or take them out while the service user gets some rest/catches up with chores/has some me time etc and can take dogs out for a walk, mow the lawn for you and help out at home if your partner is away.

Lots of people will feel vulnerable by asking for help, that they can't cope but serving with the forces is not a normal lifestyle, single parenting etc with out the support family and friends that regular families have around is never easy which is why ssafa is there to help you out : )

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