Saturday, 12 June 2010

Mr Toffee Retires

You may have noticed the lack of photos posts and updates so far this year, Mr Toffee is doing well but is now in retirement : ) Last year he started to go blind and over the past 9 months of so he has been slowing down, he doesn't run in his wheel very much or have play time and is often sleeping. Mr T is 4 and half human years old which is the equivalent of 75 in hedgie pig years, he is an old man now. Africian Pygmy Hedgehogs have an average life span of 3-5 years so he is in the winter period of his life. And what a good one he has had, lots of adventures and fun, being spoilt rotten and having everyone who meets him falls in love immediately ^_^

Toffee did lose some weight at the start of the year but he seems more than happy living on a diet of worms which of course any pygmy hog would love! He is spoilt and has an unlimited amount of meal worms and wax worms at his disposal : ) At the end of last year poor old Toffee did have an incontinence issue which I hope are now gone.

Mr Toffee in oils ♥

His lil' whiskers are getting tatty, and his eyes are both glazed over with blindness and although I still take photos of him (especially when he is in a active mood and gets into mischief!) he doesn't look like the model hog he once was. Luckily I have dozens of beautiful photos to remember his youth by, the last 3 years have been wonderful and I hope we have more time to enjoy together : ) Here is an oil painted version of my favourite photo of Mr Toffee, I hope you like it : )

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