Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Hamper Time

I am looking forward to putting together half a dozen Christmas hampers as gifts this year and although its a bit early to get into the spirit that is exactly what I'm doing :)

I'll get baskets and a holly fabric to line them with, filled with lots of treats like local honey, home made Christmas pud and a selection of home grown preserves. I am looking forward to trying my own mint sauce and onion chutney ^_^

I have a selection of these already maturing in the cupboard but I'll need to split them up into smaller jars to make sure everyone get something and I am saving the smallest jars I can find for the jams. I need plenty of pickle or small (baby food) jars if you want some free samples! Unfortunately I recently lost my job but on a positive note it means I have a few weeks free to get most of this done : D

Also if 2 of our hens dont start laying again soon there will be a free range chicken in there for our parents as well! EEeeekk!

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