Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Rotten Luck?

I have never had such a run bad luck, in the last few weeks I have had nothing but bad news! I have had a nightmare with my job, I am now un-employed and £2300 out of pocket and taking them to court. The dog -my livelihood- has been sick, my pet hedgehog died and I've had a string of minor dramas and injuries. One example is when I got caught in the rain, broke the heel of my shoe, emptying the contents of my handbag and losing my phone. I've also had concussion from a blow to my head and a sprained wrist not to mention the IBS from the stress. All of this whilst DH is away on operations, he is just as un-happy as me and I have to play sunshine to cheer him up whilst I'm pulling my hair out struggling to cope at home on my own.

This has led me to think about luck and how we perceive it. There are many philosophers that have opinions on it but I dont count myself amoung them. It takes one thing to put you down, the more things you let knock you down the lower you get and the worse things become. You may end up in the gutter but it only takes one little thing to start you back into the good graces of lady luck and it seems as if by magic your fortunes have changed. Maybe that one little thing I need to boost me back up can be me? by not letting rotten things bother me? Only focus on the positives they say, and there is always a silver lining.

It isn't really rotten luck when all those things happened, one thing leads to another. I was dis-organised and late to a solicitors appointment, it was raining and I didn't have a brolly so I ran over the wet cobble stones to stop my silk blouse from getting ruined . . . the result was something from a rom-com movie. It was a rubbish movie, I want my money back.

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