Monday, 28 February 2011

Change in your pocket

As previously mentioned we are expecting a baby at the end of the summer and in preparation for this we are clearing out our little "junk" room to convert to a nursery. This involves throwing out a lot of stuff we no longer need or find important (hoarding comic books is hardly a priority when compared to housing your first born!) and selling on a lot of the useful stuff to get a little extra cash whilst making room for baby.

Now I was intending to ebay a lot of this buuuuut as I now have a job for a few months I have decided to save time instead we will spend a whole day slogging at a car boot :) I am hoping we can get a few hundred quid for our collection, which will pay for decorating the room. We have plenty of nearly new and working electronics, games and DVDs as well as art supplies, books and a collectors items. I also have 3 bin bags of good clothes which if they don't sell will go to the charity shop and several complete costumes but I want a good price so will hold onto them for longer if necessary.

But my reason for this post is to share the easiest £100 I have ever made! Whilst clearing our our little room we found several old mobiles stashed away. I logged onto a comparison website to see how much money I could get recycling them and was pleasantly surprised! I was offered £70 for the newest phone and £50 for another, the last 3 were old but still working so I got £2-£8 for each of them. Interestingly the companies I have seen advertised on telly were not the best prices offered. I went with weeebuy as they had the best average prices (I didn't want 5 different companies) and sent the newest (a Nokia 5800 express music) to the post offices' SimplyDrop recycling centre.

It was so easy, fill in a few details, register on their site and they give you an estimate for your mobiles. I decided to opted for vouchers with weeebuy as you get 10% more, but cash from the post office. I have only just sent my phones off and haven't received the full price yet, from what I have heard these trade ins can sometimes use misleading quotes to reel you in, so Ill keep you informed :)

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