Thursday, 10 March 2011

Garden space

I wish the bloody chooks wouldn't think the fence is a fun obstacle to jump over several times a day and keep them fit, they are digging up the lawn and making a mess. Monty the German Shepard just watches them like the killer guard dog he is, once they were even in his kennel and he just cocked his head at me as if to say "what do you want me to do about it?" I suppose I'm lucky he has learnt not to chase/eat/maul them I can hardly have it both ways eh?

With plans to set up an allotment on our camp this spring I'm hoping I can put flowers in my raised beds
instead of boring veg. I love growing a kitchen garden but they don't look as nice and with all the roaming animals I need some floral perfume in the garden. Neither will be possible if the chickens insist on their great escape. The enclosure fence is only half an inch shorter than the perimeter and yet they never jump outside, It would be fiddly to raise the trellis and yet I dont think it would stop them.

Last year they seemed to know where their place was and kept to it, only jumping every so often, where as now they have spent all winter digging up grass and killing thier lawn they have decided to jump fence and try our grass too! I try to keep them interested with handfulls of seed, different items but with green house they are getting a little crowded in there. We have seeded the lawn but so far not much is happening, I'm hoping we can protect the new grass shoots long enough for them to take root and withstand the chickens appetites. I think there will be nothing for it other than the expense of some rolled turf *sigh*

Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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