Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Street Party

It wont be long now intill the big day arrives, The Royal Wedding. Kate Middleton will marry our Prince William to become Princess Windsor, the country will rejoice (for the most part) and we all get a bank holiday and have a 3 day week - huzzah!

The realm at large will commemorate the occasion with many street parties up and down the country, a traditional celebration often seen with bunting and cucumber sandwiches. Applications for road closures have been received in record numbers, particularly in Wales and Northamptonshire where William has ties to the Spencer family. Public Liability insurance is not necessary in most cases when no money is being exchanged and many people are planning festive feast for the occasion.

Unfortunately there are some issues with red tape, some councils charging for road closures and others refusing for approval without certain
insurance policies. I hope that more councils consider slashing the forms and charges regarding these events following the example of Sutton council Its a time when encouraging community spirit should be applauded :)

Our little military community is having a fanfare event for 50 people (which is 90% of the residents!) with bouncy castle, races games and a hat making competition. There is also some face painting being done and if its warm enough David will put the stocks out and you can soak dad with water bombs ;)

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