Sunday, 26 April 2009


If you haven't already been enthralled by Rapture and its delights, where have you been? (If you are interested you can take a look at this thorough synopsis) But if you have be lucky enough to play it and you are as keen on games as I am you will be eagerly anticipating the new game. On the 23rd April '09 windows games released a teaser trailer for the up coming Bioshock2 which may have been previously confused with the title "Sea of Dreams". The Big daddy doll is really creepy! There are also some awesome screen shots of the new game on this German website.

If you have a copy of Bioshock on the Xbox and have completed the game please go take a look at the extras because it looks brilliant on the big screen and the sound is eerily inciting. I'm sure there is going to be less art deco drama and more scary creepy stuff and from what I can gather there is a mysterious submarine pinching little girls from the coast, leaving strange foot prints behind in the sand...sounds great! There are lots of info on the big sister, as well as getting to play the first ever big daddy, how cool would that be! I'm not sure there will be as much rapture (sorry) as was with the first game after such a hype but I certainly look forward to what the artist directors can recreate some of that Rapture magic.

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