Monday, 11 May 2009


On May Day we adopted Baggy. He is very friendly and sometimes vocal, he loves fuss and is a big tart! He is black and has a slim face (maybe some Siamese in him) and is quite big but not fat, just long and slender. We have called him Bagheera, which is Indian for panther as used in The Jungle Book. He does looks like a little panther and in the Disney movie Balo the bear calls him baggy for short so it fits in more ways than one ; )

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Baggy came from the RSPCA center down the road. We went there 6 weeks before and were quite taken with Baggy but he came with a 2nd girl cat. We couldn’t commit to 2 cats at once so we left. On the 2nd of may we went back and they were still there! They didn’t come from the same home and the staff had decided that very day to separate them. Of course we wanted to take Baggy home straight away!

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We have been slowly introducing Mr Toffee and Baggy, the first meeting went well. I don’t anticipate any problems as Mr T came from a house with 3 curious cats and wasn’t bothered by them. He has settled in well, he seems very happy and comfortable, we are very glad to have the new addition : )

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